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an icon journal
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26th-Feb-2007 02:01 pm - Six Eureka Seven
Eureka Seven Icons just six of them.

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13th-Nov-2006 08:27 pm - 20 icons
I made some icons. Many are just manipulating with the color. Nice simple images. I like simplicity. Anyway here they are -

One Piece x2
Naruto x3
Eureka Seven x15

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30th-Aug-2006 12:47 am - One Piece Mood Theme
I will try to update this to make it better as the story progresses. Especially whenever a new crewmate joins the Straw Hats.

Preview (accomplished, confused, loved)

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13th-May-2006 06:08 pm - One Piece
Some more One Piece Icons.
I am obsessed with this style now...everyone will be sick of it! MUAHAHAH.

01. 02.
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12th-May-2006 12:53 am - One Piece
Some One Piece Icons.
I promise there will be more to come!

01. 02.
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2nd-Mar-2006 11:55 pm - Yamada Hanatarou

Some Icons that I made for the character Yamada Hanatarou from Bleach. I love him. Though the icons do not do him an ich of justice.

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14th-Feb-2006 01:16 am - Kakashi and Iruka
Sleep is needed despratly! So grand-opening of my livejournal. Hopefully I will stick with this for a long while. I quite like the name even though it is spelt wrong. Whatever.

The question is...should I make this friends only? I just might.

Some icons that I made, 12. Kakashi and Iruka based. Colored myself and what not.

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